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Southern Maine Shore Dive Site Guide
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Here is my list of regional dive sites. Some of these can be found in the popular published guides or on the numerous regional Web-sites. Others are spots you just don't hear about. Some of them we first discovered as skin-diving sites. In addition to local salt and fresh water sites I am including some sites in the Mount Desert Island region that we have enjoyed on several trips to the area.

They are organized starting with ocean sites running south to north. I have included a few freshwater sites. I am not going to go into great detail regarding directions. I will assume that you have a GPS "Maine Atlas and Gazetteer". GPS coordinates are provided.

Many of these sites are also historic public locations such as forts and lighthouses. They can add interest to your visit and provide a diversion during your surface interval. Where known I have included some background links on these aspects of the sites.

At the bottom of this page you find links to online resources that I use in planning local dives including:

  • The general weather
  • The Marine Forecast
  • The tide charts
  • The water temperature guides
  • Buoy data
Generally N or NW winds will be our friends and will knock down the seas at many shore sites. Our typical seas will be forecasted as 2-4 feet. Anything less than that is a bonus. Above 2-4 feet the site, tide and the site's wind exposure along with diver ability should be considered. I have noted the exposure heading of the sights and it's apparent in the satellite pictures. Compare these exposures to forecasted winds. In terms of seasonal access, I have not taken snow into account since it varies widely.

Water temperatures will vary with the seasons. Our warmest water is found from Late July into early September. During the 1st part of August it may be possible to make a shallow shore dive without dipping below 60F, but this will require ideal conditions. For most divers a 7mm wetsuit with a second layer on the core will allow enjoyable diving from mid-May through October. Outside that range diving wet is still possible but most will prefer to be in a drysuit in those conditions. By late October the surface interval and changing back to street clothes can be the most challenging part of the dive day, more so than the bottom time.

Lastly we are privileged to enjoy many of these sites through permissive trespass and the welcoming communities that have chosen to keep waterfront access available to the general public. Please use these sites with care and consideration. The principle of leave only footprints and take only memories will serve you well. Remember that the curious folks who come to speak with you may very well be visitors from away. Please be gracious ambassadors of Vacationland as well as our sport. Should you find yourself enjoying these sites from away welcome to our little corner of the world.

The Sites
Local Ocean Shore Dive Sites (Listed from South to North)
Fort Foster, KitterySE
Nubble Light, YorkN NE
Short Sands Beach, YorkNE
Cape Neddick Beach, YorkS SE
Crescent Beach, WellsE
Casino Square, WellsE
Middle Beach, KennebunkS
Colony Beach, KennebunkportS SW
St. Ann's Beach, KennebunkportS SE
The Wreck of the Wandby, KennebunkportE SE
Fortunes Rocks Beach, BiddefordE
Fletchers Neck, BiddefordSE
East Point, BiddefordE
Hills Beach, Biddeford, GPS: 43.455754,-70.373692-
Kettle Cove, Cape ElizabethSW
2 Lights, Cape ElizabethNE
Pond Cove, Cape ElizabethSE
Ship Cove (Fort Williams), Cape ElizabethNE
Cooks Lobster Pound, Bailey Island, GPS: 43.748432,-69.992553-
Lands End, Bailey Island, GPS: 43.717864, -70.002582-
Rachel Carson Salt Pond, Bristol, GPS: 43.879733,-69.483853-

Down East, Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island Region

  • Back Beach, Bernard GPS: 44.235925,-68.359889
  • Seawall, Acadia National Park GPS: 44.242832,-68.299309
  • Little Hunters Beach, Acadia National Park
  • Lamoine Beach GPS: 44.453745,-68.280689
  • Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia National Park
    • Unnamed, GPS: 44.365236, -68.076215 (I think this is the spot)
    • Pond Island, GPS:44.345504,-68.066059
    • Blueberry Hill, GPS: 44.338288, -68.045041
    • Rolling Island, GPS: 44.348649, -68.046372
  • Wonderland, Acadia National Park (skin dive)
  • Pretty Marsh Picnic Area
Fresh Water Dive Sites in Southern Maine

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Dive Planning Links

Additional Resources:

Web Cams

Other Guides

  • Hyperbaric Dive Medicine: There are numerous hyperbaric chambers located in the Maine and New Hampshire area. Unfortunately most are not prepared to handle dive emergencies nor do they operate 24/7. If you are seeking treatment for a dive emergency contact your local EMS first. Follow-up with a phone call to DAN (Divers Alert Network) 1-919-684-9111 to locate the nearest appropriate facility.
A Shore Diving Guide To New England by Jerry Shine
A Shore Diving Guide To New England
by Jerry Shine

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