Notes about things regarding scuba diving that I have come to know.

Why do people choose to dive or continue diving

Why do people choose to dive or continue diving? One of the neat things about scuba diving is that it has many facets and means different things to different people. For that reason the answer will be different from diver to diver and even from day to day. No straight answers on this one but run down this list and see if anything sparks an interest!

  • Adventure Every dive holds surprises. The same site will have different inhabitants from day to day and season to season. You never know when you will come across an interesting artifact. All this as you slip into an alien world that few get to experience
  • Freedom You really do leave the surface world behind. As your body is bombarded with sights sounds and sensations you are diving and nothing else matters. In daily live we live a 2 dimensional existence. We may climb steps or even fly in an airplane but gravity always has us anchored to a surface below. When you are diving you enjoy being able to move freely in 3 dimensions.
  • Nature The aquatic world if full of fascinating plant and animal life as a diver you get to enjoy all of these attractions from the smallest visible life forms to the largest. You can just watch or log your findings. You can even participate in fish surveys.
  • History You never know what you will come across. Rivers, lakes harbors are often the sites of abandoned structures or pieces of history that have fallen or were dropped overboard. Some divers will dive in search of evidence of past happenings, others will just dive to be surprised.
  • Search and Recovery may include locating and retrieving artifacts of recovery of lost items. Training is suggested for safe and effective diving in this specialty.
  • Photography is a popular attraction for many. It may be an extension of a topside hobby or something that comes alive for you underwater.
  • Camaraderie Divers are great folks. The sport inspires teamwork and mutual support. Divers are generally respectful of the environment they get to enjoy in a special way and that carries over to their general behavior. Divers enjoy après dive activities.
  • Wrecks The ocean bottom is home to may wrecks ranging from debris fields to massive structures that can be penetrated by divers with the proper training and equipment. Wreck diving can range from external viewing to technical penetrations.
  • Night Diving after dark is a unique experience and becomes a favorite of many. Different creatures come out and the activity levels change. Your dive light will attract organisms that you dismiss as debris by day. Diving within your small pool of light makes the water an intimate space.
  • Caves can range in size and depth and should only be entered with the correct training and equipment. They range from narrow passageways to underwater cathedral like spaces.
  • Extreme Depth With the right technical training and equipment divers can venture deeper than the recreational limit of 130 feet.
  • Public Safety divers find it rewarding to be involved with their community and have specialized training to render assistance underwater. Activities range from rescue to recovery of evidence.
  • Geocaching This popular surface activity has gone underwater. Find the clues and visit the cache.

Many of these activities do require specialized training and to some life long learning is a goal in and of itself. The serenity of being weightless while swimming in inner space and enjoying whatever you come across is enough, isn't it?

This page created 6/2/06