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This page is a listing of venues we enjoy or hope to enjoy someday. There are many more out there these are just the ones that caught our ears. Most are in range to get home at a reasonable hour. Your mileage may vary, literally. Links intentionally open in a new window. I know this is bad form but while trolling for shows I want this screen to stay put. Next I will be adding some venue details farther down the page and then I'll make it snazzy. For now enjoy in its naked form, the way the Internet used to be. Lists are ordered in aproximate increasing proximity from home.

I have done my best to categorize these venues but want to point out that many are multi-facetted. For instance while listed under music plays may also be offered, movies shown or a meal may be had.

Venue Information

Note: My comments found below are based on specific visits. They may not be indicative of all events and things do change over time. My intention is simply to fill gaps and to convey what I find special about a venue. We have not attended all venues in this list, their presence here is not any sort of endorsement. Likewise do not construe the lack of a listing to be deprecating. This is a glimpse into our world through our eyes and ears, no more, no less.

Jonathan's is a very nice listening room. Sound is very good and we have had very good luck with having audiences that can keep quiet and not distract from the performance. The ticket pricing is unique, all seats are the same price but they are sold in 3 tiers. The back of the room sells for the listed ticket price. If you buy a ticket and a voucher that entitles you to a desert & soft drink or adult beverage (and other combinations) you get to sit in the middle band roughly 4-5 tables back from the corner stage. For the best seats you also buy a $25 voucher for their restaurant downstairs. You can see it all and pick your tables right on their Website.

One Longfellow Square is wonderful space. Seating is first come first served so be nearby when the doors open for the best seats. The seating floor is perhaps 10 rows deep so it's a very intimate room. There is also a small balcony for a cat bird's view. Put this place on your short list.

We first attended The Chocolate Church venue in the late 1980's and after a long hiatus while raising a family and all rediscovered it in 2014. For our tastes they have been in a phenomenal groove in their show bookings and the seats are very affordable. The converted church has been refitted with stadium like seating so the views are as good as the sound. If anyone watches my Facebook posts from shows you can probably guess that we have a favorite pair of up close seats.

Stone Mountain Performing Art Center is very special place is worth the drive! Bring your appetite, the meals often featuring local ingredients are ever changing and delicious. To get the best seats you need to understand the system since tickets for the main floor are general admission but seating is managed. Spending $15 per person on food is required. For 8:00 shows the lobby / lounge doors open at 5:00. Immediately check in and get your seating call number. Around 6:00 they will begin calling numbers and escort small groups into the majestic timber framed performance space where you will select your seats. As you meet new friends the wait staff will take good care of you and soon it will be show time. Be sure to study the website for directions, credit card policy and other details.

CHAUTAUQUA-BY-THE-SEA hosts The Ocean Park Festival in Old Orchard Beach's Ocean Park Community. These shows are generally on Sunday nights and make a delightful conclusion of your summer weekend. The rustic timber framed octagon structure will have you in awe before the show starts and could be considered worth the price of admission by some! It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Shows are very affordable and varied. Like most commented venues we try to visit this place yearly.

The Old Orchard Beach Pier features several venues geared to what I'd call the younger crowd. My reason for including it here is a comedy performer, Yo Adrian. His adult comedy is a good time as he weaves musical parody with good natured ribbing of the crowd, come prepared to be a celebrity. We try to catch him yearly and often hang out for the whole show. His show takes an interesting and touching turn towards then end. He performs in a number of venues on The Pier. The farther out to sea, the more adult it gets. Minimal or no cover charge plus your drinks and munchies.

Seaside Pavilion is operated as part of the Salvation Army's Old Orchard Beach campus. Its primary function is as the meeting place for their "Summer Camp" activities but they host public performances on Tuesday night through the summer season. Tickets are very affordable, often free. We have seen some outstanding cover bands of groups like The Beach boys, Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons and Simon & Garfunkel. They also host local favorites such as Rick Charrette to Don Campbell. This first class open air theatre is nestled in amongst the pine trees and sits in a residential neighborhood on the terrain of what was once a natural amphitheater. This place is a Gem with a capital G.

Deertrees is a very unique venue that you really want to find a reason to experience. The historic timber framed theatre is said to have perfect acoustics. As soon as the music started I was immediately struck by the sound of the room. More accurately the lack of room sound. The band was crystal clear but there was no room echo or sound pressure, just pure sound from the stage. The sides of the theatre have large screen openings that are revealed when the wall panels are cranked up in preparation for the show. The open air sound and feel are like no other venue I have been in. Read the history on their website and enjoy the ambiance when you visit.



Created May 16, 2015 **** Updated August 21, 2016